World Leaders


Agrideria Industrial Ltd supplies sought after commodity products that we ship from Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and United States of America to international destinations worldwide.

Agrideria Industrial offers a comprehensive range of products and services. Our core mission is international supply of agricultural commodities fit for human consumption and animal feeds. Our customers' have access to services that could prove useful making their feed operations successful. We put our best efforts to provide efficiently.

  • We supply NON-GMO or GMO Yellow Corn (Human Consumption or Animal Feed)
  • NON-GMO or GMO Soybean and Soybean Meal
  • Hard Milling Wheat
  • Hard Red Wheat
  • Soft White Wheat
  • ICUMSA 45 White Crystal Cane Sugar

Agrideria Industrial is a company dedicated to improving the global food supply chain. From the fields to the table, our team supplies commodities to a wide geographical area worldwide.


    Developing Markets
    Enabling Trade
    Improving Lives

Statement of Culture and Values

  •     Is an inclusive organization
  •     Supports international agriculture developments worldwide.
  •     Conducts its business in an ethical and honest manner.
  •     Respect the cultural and economic needs of our international customers.
  •     Actively supports organizations of same interests in agriculture worldwide.
  •     Treats its employees and customers with respect and cares about them.
  •     We strive to be the most relevant, passionate and trusted company in the agriculture business around the world.

Develop and provide an inclusive and diverse environment for the very best and brightest professional team who makes Agrideria Industrial a success in five producing countries.

We listen to all producers who we collaboratively work with to continually improve crops and sales, producers profitability and trade practices.

We take pride in the lives we improve, the mouths we help feed and the products we supply throughout the world.

Our team with forward thinking and innovative disposition, always daring to break even the toughest barriers and anticipating our customers’ requirements, as a team of leaders, global thinkers, work aggressively to be recognized experts on agricultural issues, we can effectively engage influential decision makers for mutual success.

Foster partnerships that build value, long lasting relationships with our customers, as well as our international agents.

Perform as an integrity driven ethical company, where nothing we say, publish or do is ever in question and where our objectivity and fiscal responsibility is transparent to all we serve.