Agrideria Industrial™ / Merconav S.A. ventured into the commodity business eleven years ago and today works with over 10,000 producers. We work in four countries Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay to supply year round quality products.

For our clients convenience, all orders are shipped by vessel in bulk, we ship  CIF (cost, insurance and freight) to any safe world sea port internationally, designated by the buyer.

Today in the commodity business the internet made it possible for many scammers to waste your time, save time and money by taking advantage of our experience in the commodity markets, we do business directly with producers to reduce costs to our buyer.

Let our experienced team work for you, we are willing and able to supply commodity products at a competitive price.

We are confident you will find us to be an excellent associate with experience, integrity and professionalism. Most importantly we make the deal happen. Many deals falter through poor communication, lack of supply and poor service that cost the buyer in wasted time. Dealing with our experienced operators is an intelligent short-cut to success.

We have listed the main commodities that we are able to supply year round, even though we have access to many other commodities in partial times of the year.

We have a track record of closing deals in a timely manner, we have built extensive relationships and associates in the agricultural sectors over the years. The commodity trading industry is made more complicated because of fluctuating demand and supply shortages for certain products from time to time. Even though we cannot guarantee supply of every commodity at all times, we have approached this problem from a long term prospective and secured producers to meet your demands.

We work with international to fulfill the buyer's requirements, our dedicated team with their forward thinking and unwavering vision binds us in a common purpose, to create customized solutions and close the deal in a professional manner.

We have developed significant expertise building unwavering long term business relationships with buyer's and our producers. We invite buyer's to visit us at our place of business to verify our capabilities.